Lewis C Barbe: The Importance of Health and Safety Procedures

Lewis C Barbe is a safety engineer and consultant who currently works for Occupational Safety and Health Services, Inc., a firm that specializes in accident analysis, damage assessment and insurance inspection services. He has seen the impact that improper health and safety procedures can have on organizations. When these issues are treated without the proper oversight then disasters, such as the examples below, occur.

On-Site Accidents

On-site accidents can be detrimental to a business or organization. When a pedestrian gets hurt on your property, it can mean a long and painful process of inspections and litigation, not to mention the heavy monetary costs that can be imposed.

Faulty Products Litigation

Sometimes, when proper health and safety procedures are not followed in a facility, the products that come out of that facility can be subject to defects, which could then pose hazardous threats to consumers. When these hazards cause injury to others, litigation follows. In such cases, class-action suits can also result, where multiple victims bring together a large suit that divides a much larger settlement.

Lewis C Barbe has provided expert testimony that has influenced verdicts for similar types of cases.

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