Safety Engineer Lewis C. Barbe Knows Product Development

Lewis Barbe has compiled an impressive resume of professional accomplishment, not only as an experienced safety engineer, but also as a trusted engineering consultant, someone trusted by organizations and industries for his considerable breadth of knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields and across a myriad of areas.

Lewis Barbe

Board-certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, as well as a Registered Safety Engineer in the states of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and California, respectively, Barbe is a trusted and proven consultant who has achieved significant results for numerous organizations and clients throughout his extensive career.

One of the specialties of Lewis Barbe is new product development, an important and often complex process involving numerous phases and stages along the way. Any new commercial product, as Barbe knows, must undergo many crucial steps before becoming a part of the marketplace, from the very beginning of the product’s concept phase to its eventual launch.

Lewis Barbe

The concept phase is the first to occur in new product development, as Lewis Barbe knows, and is soon followed by the research phase (study and experimentation), development and feasibility testing (preliminary designs created by developers), product engineering and final product development.

The critical design phase, as Barbe is aware, is the point where any new modifications or changes to the product’s design are made, added and/or incorporated. The related documents and drawings are then sent to the product manufacturers for pricing quotes, which is soon followed by the product’s building, beta testing, release build and product launch phases.

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