Lewis Barbe: Example of a Humanitarian Person

Concern for others is an extremely important quality to have as a person and as a professional. People can usually tell if you genuinely have a concern for their safety. Some safety inspector walk into a building and are just doing their job paying the bills, but others walk in and are genuinely concerned about making sure the area is safe for the workers and (if applicable) the customers.

It is easy to feel bogged down and discouraged when safety inspectors keep telling you things need to be changed, and it is easy to fake changes and only have things in top condition for when the inspector arrives. It has become increasingly difficult to actually maintain a safe environment if the location is busy.

Lewis barbe

However, in general, the most important thing is ensuring the safety of the people. Making sure there are no deadly chemicals being exposed, proper safety gear is being worn, hands are washed, being prepared for emergencies. There are lots of ways to prepare and to show you care for your fellow men, and taking such precautions is a great way to show it. In fact, it is nearly impossible to predict every single situation that could arise.

This is the reason for safety inspectors and consultants, and they actually exist to help you and those around you. Lewis Barbe has worked in the safety field for many years as both an engineer and a consultant, and he has even been an expert witness in numerous cases and helped investigate the truth behind things such as railroad litigations.

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