Lewis Barbe – Justice

Justice is something that a lot of people feel differently about. In fact, there are so many different viewpoints on justice that it is almost fair to assume that each individual might even have their own sense of justice. However, the benefits of a justice system are that a large body of people can come together and agree on a verdict as it pertains to a particular case. Instead of simply relying on one person’s individual sense of justice, the larger group’s consensus can prove an even fairer point of view and even has the potential to serve out a true justice.

Many people attempt to help the process along. Because of the complexity of many cases, expert witnesses are brought in for the purpose of enlightening the court on a certain subject. For instance, Lewis Barbe has worked as an expert witness in many railroad litigations. He has a huge amount of experience and was even the president of the National Association of Railroad Safety Consultants and Investigators. Not only is he highly sought after when it comes to such cases, but he is also deemed extremely consistent and is never swayed by individual cases. This is extremely important since his line of work requires him to be objective and to present the facts of any given situation, instead of a subjective opinion. Of course, this does not mean that such a man does not have his own opinion and would surely give it if asked. It simply means he is able to do his job and ensure justice is served.

Lewis Barbe

 For more visit : Lewis Barbe on Slideshare

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