Lewis C. Barbe – An Expert in Failure Analysis

Board-certified Safety Engineer Lewis Barbe possesses considerable expertise in the field of failure analysis, much of which is the result of his extensive experience serving in a variety of engineering and management capacities for numerous firms throughout the country. A specialist in metallurgical engineering, Barbe continues to be a sought-after engineering consultant, someone looked to for expert consulting services in the fields of failure analysis, accident and fire investigations, diesel-electric locomotive design, laboratory testing of material properties, general engineering investigations and locomotive system and equipment analysis.

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The concept of failure analysis, as Lewis Barbe is aware, is referring to the process used to determine the cause of a particular failure, as well as the steps that need to be taken to correct said failure. An engineering discipline used within numerous industries, failure analysis involves the collection and analysis of data, and is important, perhaps even essential, to the field of new product development and existing product improvement.

Failure analysis has applications in a variety of industries and fields, as Lewis Barbe knows, and is an extremely critical process in the development, improvement and updating of products and services, particularly in such fields as construction and electronics. Barbe has proven an invaluable resource of knowledge and expertise in failure analysis to numerous organizations throughout his career, and continues to be looked to for such services.

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Barbe has held positions with such notable firms as the Chrysler Corporation, General Electric, the North Star Steel Company, Horton, Inc. and the Bendix Corporation. He even once garnered an award for setting a world safety record as an employee for Westinghouse.

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