Accident Investigations Expert Lewis Barbe


Lewis Barbe is known throughout the engineering consulting industry for his considerable knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of accident investigations; experience he has acquired through many years of service within numerous capacities relating to safety, accident prevention and safety engineering.

A Board-certified Safety Engineer and former Director of Engineering with the Occupational Safety and Health Service, Inc., former Manager of Accident Prevention for Westinghouse Electric and former Corporate Director of Loss Control for American Hoist and Derrick, Barbe continues to be one of the most sought-after accident investigations experts, and engineering consultants, in the field.

Amongst the engineering experience of Lewis Barbe is a considerable level of work in the field of accident and fire investigations, as well as in failure analysis. Currently registered in the field of Fire Protection Engineering in the State of California, Barbe possesses considerable insight and expertise in accident and fire investigation, and has enjoyed the opportunity to offer and provide that expertise during multiple trials and litigations throughout the course of his consulting career.


As Barbe knows, accident prevention is, and should always be, one of the highest priorities of any organization, particularly those with a focus in heavy industry. Taking the appropriate steps to prevent workplace accidents can work to save the organization, any organization, and considerable financial resources, preventing the costs of court, litigation and potentially large settlements well into the future.

Lewis Barbe uses only accepted and proven principles, each with a strong scientific and academic basis, when making an analysis and formulating an opinion of an accident.

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