Lewis C. Barbe: Proud to Have Emeritus Status with HFES

An experienced board-certified safety engineer and sought-after engineering consultant, Lewis Barbe is honored to have recently received Emeritus Status with the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES). By giving Barbe Emeritus Status, the HFES is both acknowledging and recognizing Barbe’s ongoing commitment to, and track record for, public safety.

One of the primary purposes of the HFES is to promote both discovery and the exchange of knowledge pertaining to the human race, as well as the design of both the devices and the systems with which they interact on a daily basis. An expert in workplace safety, as well as a member of numerous ANSI committees, Lewis Barbe understands the value of ergonomics, particularly as a method for limiting and/or preventing unnecessary physical strain or injury within the workplace.

Long-time member of the American National Standards Institute, as well as the Chair of five ANSI committees, Lewis Barbe values the need, the necessity, for workplace safety, as well as the vigilance needed to maintain a safe and productive workplace for all organizational employees. Ergonomics, an aspect of workplace safety, plays an important role in the prevention of unwanted and unneeded injury and pain, and can help to reduce the costs generally associated with workplace injury well into the future.

Barbe, currently an engineering consultant and sought-after expert witness, has an in-depth understanding of accident prevention and workplace safety, and thus values his association with the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Lewis Barbe currently enjoys membership with numerous other professional associations as well, including the American Society of Safety Engineers.

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