Lewis Barbe – Accident Investigations

Lewis Barbe is a Board certified Safety Engineer with many years of experience. He is the Director of Engineering with Occupational Safety and Health Service, Inc., and the past Corporate Director of Loss Control for American Hoist and Derrick, and the Manager of Accident Prevention for Westinghouse Electric. In the latter position he established a world safety record that was recognized with an award presented by the National Safety Council, the leading safety advocacy group in the United States.


His engineering experiences include failure analysis and accident and fire investigations, and he holds registration in Fire Protection Engineering from the State of California. Accident investigations, as Lewis Barbe knows, are an important duty for any safety professional. It is an essential management tool that when properly executed can save an organization in lost lives, lost time, and lost money. Accident prevention is a top priority in any industrial safety setting.

Accidents, Lewis Barbe says, can be defined at Westinghouse as an unexpected and unplanned event that results in injury, death, or loss due to management failures. They cannot be further defined as events that have no apparent cause and appear to have happened by chance. When there is legal fallout in the aftermath of an accident, then there is likelihood that an individual will be false held accountable.

Lewis Barbe says that in an accident analysis, accepted principles of scientific knowledge can establish what could have been done to prevent the accident. “My training and experience to offer opinions,” he says, “is based upon my education and work experience.”

Visit https://medium.com/@lewisbarbe/lewis-barbe-qualified-experienced-trusted-75d44644c414 for more details.

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