Lewis C Barbe: The Importance of Health and Safety Procedures

Lewis C Barbe is a safety engineer and consultant who currently works for Occupational Safety and Health Services, Inc., a firm that specializes in accident analysis, damage assessment and insurance inspection services. He has seen the impact that improper health and safety procedures can have on organizations. When these issues are treated without the proper oversight then disasters, such as the examples below, occur.

On-Site Accidents

On-site accidents can be detrimental to a business or organization. When a pedestrian gets hurt on your property, it can mean a long and painful process of inspections and litigation, not to mention the heavy monetary costs that can be imposed.

Faulty Products Litigation

Sometimes, when proper health and safety procedures are not followed in a facility, the products that come out of that facility can be subject to defects, which could then pose hazardous threats to consumers. When these hazards cause injury to others, litigation follows. In such cases, class-action suits can also result, where multiple victims bring together a large suit that divides a much larger settlement.

Lewis C Barbe has provided expert testimony that has influenced verdicts for similar types of cases.

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Lewis Barbe: Expert Witness

Lewis Barbe is a professional Safety Engineer who is registered with the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. He is a Registered Safety Engineer in the State of California and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and with the Board of Product Safety Management, among many others.

He has served as an expert witness in many court cases. Expert witnesses, as he knows, play an important role in many types of litigation. Consulting experts like Lewis Barbe can help investigate the facts of a case, and help a client and an attorney better understand the technical aspects of a case, in order to best present their side of the case.

Expert witnesses can also testify in court on behalf of a client in order to help the court and the jury to understand technical issues that relate to a case, whether they are medical, scientific or technical issues. The credentials of the expert witness often go a long way in strengthening a client’s case in the eyes of jurors.

According to the Federal Rules of Evidence, an expert witness can be used when the specialized knowledge they possess will help the court and the jury understand the evidence at issue in a given case. The testimony of expert witnesses such as Lewis C Barbe are especially important when the outcome of the case hinges on the court understanding highly technical material.

Lewis Barbe has provided expert testimony in cases involving forest fires, consumer products and store liability, child product safety, and many others. He is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, and the Society of Automotive Engineers, among many other professional associations.

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Lewis Barbe: Dedicated and Hard Working

Lewis Barbe has many years of experience as a professional safety engineer. He has worked with such corporations as Chrysler and General Electric, and has also worked at smaller companies.

Lewis Barbe has been an expert witness in many legal proceedings, sharing his expertise in engineering and safety matters. He is a longtime member of the American National Standards Institute and the American Society of Safety Engineers.

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Accident Testimony by Lewis Barbe

Lewis Barbe is a Certified Registered Professional Safety and Fire Protection engineer who has served as a specialist witness in various court cases.

He showed up as a specialist witness for the benefit of a man named Juan Jose Salinas, whose leg was removed over the right knee after he fell into a tighten transport the packhouse passage of the Lone Star Cement Plant in Davenport, California. The screw transport was controlled by an engine assembled by Westinghouse, which was named as a respondent in the suit. In the suit, Salinas asserted carelessness.

A jury at first recompensed Salinas eight hundred thousand dollars in harms, however Westinghouse asserted there was legal hearer wrongdoing and recorded a movement for another trial, which the court conceded.

Lewis Barbe

Lewis Barbe affirmed that the nonattendance of a crisis cut-off gadget on the screw transport engine was a “generous variable” in bringing on the leg removal of Juan Jose Salinas.

He further affirmed that he telephoned Westinghouse over the span of getting some answers concerning the engine and gave a Westinghouse worker named Edward Roland the engine’s serial number. In the wake of checking, Roland said he had the document on the engine. At exactly that point did Barbe uncover that he was examining the engine in connection to a modern mishap and claim. Roland supplied Barbe with no additional data and the organization later demanded it didn’t have any records. “I am persuaded, here in this court,” Barbe later affirmed under vow, “that Mr. Roland destroyed all the data so we wouldn’t get it.” The court said in view of that, it could be sensibly reasoned that Westinghouse had resolutely smothered proof, and educated the jury to think seriously about that.

To some degree in light of the confirmation of Lewis Barbe, the movement for another trial was later turned around.

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Lewis Barbe: Accident Investigation

Lewis Barbe is a Board-certified Safety Engineer and has three professional engineering licenses with many years of experience. He has had Accident Prevention and Loss Control positions with several companies, including Westinghouse Electric. He has also been Director of Engineering with Occupational Safety and Health Service, Inc, and the Corporate Director of Loss Control for American Hoist and Derrick.

Accident investigation is one of the most important roles of the safety professional. It is an essential management tool that helps to save an organization in lost time, lost money, and lost lives. To a safety professional such as Lewis Barbe, an accident is defined as an unplanned and unexpected event that results in an injury, death, or loss. One of the responsibilities of the safety engineer is to determine the cause of such events, in order to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Lewis Barbe

In addition, Lewis Barbe is a specialist in metallurgical engineering and failure analysis, and new product development. He has been an expert witness consulting in railroad litigation and product liability. He has also held Engineering and management positions at the North Star Steel Company, the Chrysler Corporation, the Bendix Corporation, and Horton, Inc., as well as General Electric.

Lewis Barbe is a member of many professional associations and organizations, including the American Society of Safety Engineers, the Canadian Society of Safety Engineers, the National Fire Protection Association, the National Safety Council, and the American Council of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.

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Points Shared by Lewis Barbe on Becoming a Safety Consultant

While anybody can call themselves a security specialist, not everybody who endeavors out naturally will have the capacity to begin a fruitful business. Only in light of the fact that they have worked in a security part inside of their organization for a long time, doesn’t mean they recognize what it takes to be viable as a specialist. Advisors need to have particular qualities and add to specific aptitudes to be powerful. There are two various types of wellbeing experts that you can turn into, an administration master or a general pro.

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Safety Engineer Lewis C. Barbe Knows Product Development

Lewis Barbe has compiled an impressive resume of professional accomplishment, not only as an experienced safety engineer, but also as a trusted engineering consultant, someone trusted by organizations and industries for his considerable breadth of knowledge and expertise in a variety of fields and across a myriad of areas.

Lewis Barbe

Board-certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, as well as a Registered Safety Engineer in the states of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and California, respectively, Barbe is a trusted and proven consultant who has achieved significant results for numerous organizations and clients throughout his extensive career.

One of the specialties of Lewis Barbe is new product development, an important and often complex process involving numerous phases and stages along the way. Any new commercial product, as Barbe knows, must undergo many crucial steps before becoming a part of the marketplace, from the very beginning of the product’s concept phase to its eventual launch.

Lewis Barbe

The concept phase is the first to occur in new product development, as Lewis Barbe knows, and is soon followed by the research phase (study and experimentation), development and feasibility testing (preliminary designs created by developers), product engineering and final product development.

The critical design phase, as Barbe is aware, is the point where any new modifications or changes to the product’s design are made, added and/or incorporated. The related documents and drawings are then sent to the product manufacturers for pricing quotes, which is soon followed by the product’s building, beta testing, release build and product launch phases.

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